Raw Organic Rose Honey (280grams)

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The finest Bulgarian rose oil Infused in pure raw organic acacia honey. This liquid gold acacia honey, gathered in the lower mountains of Central Bulgaria is infused with the world famous Bulgarian rose oil (Rosa Damascena).

This Fusion Combines Many Beneficial Effects of Rose Oil with the Qualities of Raw Honey resulting in a unique delicious combination.

For centuries, Bulgaria has been producing the world’s highest quality rose oil. Surrounded by two majestic mountains called Balkan Mountain and Sredna Gora, the Valley of Roses is considered to have the best soil structure, air humidity, cloudiness, and precipitation for obtaining the finest sought-after rose oil in the world. Rose oil production is one of the most labour intensive processes due to the very small amount produced. This is why it is so precious and is called ‘liquid gold'.

Our Gourmet Honey is 100% Organic, pure and unpasteurised. Our Honey is certified Organic by SGS in Bulgaria.

Great Taste Awards: Our Organic Rose honey has also won a 2-Star accolade for the international Great Taste Awards 2020 - A globally recognized food tasting awarder.

A great gift idea for honey lovers and health enthusiasts looking for an alternative to sugar. Our honey is so tasty, that your friends and family will love you for it! It can be used on your toast, porridge, pancakes or even straight from the jar!