Manuka Honey MGO 50+ (225 grams)


Our favourite little insects, bees, forage the Manuka bush, native to New Zealand, to bring you this dark, herbal, amber Manuka Honey.

Eden Queen Manuka Honey is pure and natural, authentic, Manuka Honey. Carefully sourced from the best New Zealand beekeepers.

Our Manuka Honey is measured using the MGO rating. MGO stands for methylglyoxal; this is the naturally occurring compound that gives Manuka Honey it’s special properties. Simply put, the higher the MGO rating on the front of the jar, the greater the anti-bacterial strength present within the honey.


New Zealand

Storage Instructions:

Store at room temperature. Crystallisation may naturally occur. If this happens, place the jar in warm water.


Unsuitable for infants under 12 months of age